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Monday, October 07, 2013

There's lots to see and do here in...oh, we're done

For a 17 day vacation I really didn't take very many photos. Here are some of the very few I did take.

This first one was taken in Copenhagen, in the Slotsholmen area. Slotsholmen means "something I'm too lazy to look up". There aren't many canals in Copenhagen so the picture is a bit misleading but the buildings are pretty typical.

This picture was taken somewhere between Slotsholmen and the Little Mermaid. The fountain was so special but I thought the backlighting made for a nice pic. The camera didn't do the live scene justice but a little auto-Gimp fixed things up (a bit too well). 
And, of course, the picture that everyone takes. Why this is such a big tourist attraction can only be explained by looking at the other exciting pictures I have posted.
Lastly, as the ship set sail I snapped this shot. You can see the bridge to Malmo in the far distance. Closer in are a bunch of windmills. Closer still are a some people sailing, likely in protest of the giant eyesore windmills with their clean power generation and such. Oh wait, this isn't Nimby, USA!