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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Those with independent travel arrangements

There is a couple on board that I've seen a few times now. They are notable because they brought folding bicycles with them. I saw them cycling in a couple ports. It's a pretty good idea, especially in northern Europe.
I just saw them again and they were in their gear-helmets, cycling clothes. Not sure how they will handle their luggage, assuming they have any.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Not the spice

Someone on the ship told me that the word "posh" is an acronym for "port out, starboard home"- the preferred cabin location for transatlantic voyages if your home was in England.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Last call

After 6 days at sea (long days since we gained 4 hours along the way) arrived in Halifax yesterday. Weather was very nice there so I wandered around. Not much had changed since the last time I was there.
Today we are in Saint John, NB. It's a bit cold and drizzly. Not much else to say about this place.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The view

Sunny today and the calmest seas yet. Makes for incredibly blue water.

It's Groundhog Day

It's the fifth day in a row at sea or maybe the fiftieth. Who knows?
The comedian on board right now was also on April Asia trip...and while he doesn't have new material the whole situation is funnier than he is so that's a plus.
Otherwise I am reading lots of books. Child 44 was good. Once We Were Brothers was so-so. Currently reading Syndrome which isn't so great so far. But maybe my standards are rising with all the reading. :)
I'm still not sure why I can get email but I'm not complaining.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Hell no, we won't blow

Pretty rough seas yesterday. I hit defcon 1 (aka cold sweat). Had to double up on meclizine and, no surprise, ended up sleeping for about 12 hours. According to the captain, I'll feel better once I get my seal eggs. What deck are they on?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Is this from Weiner or Spritzer?

Got this interesting SMS today. I'm just glad I can't receive picture messages.

Qaq or not

Another big low pressure system in the North Atlantic and, presto, Qaqortoc is canceled. They've added St. John's, NB for Tuesday after Halifax. As a consolation they gave us $50.
On the good news front today was $20 all the laundry you can cram I into this tiny bag (which means _all_ my laundry). Also I now have a captive audience for 7 seas days to play games. :)
The ship I'd supposed to be rocking and rolling tonight. Is there an emeticon for that?

No Corn in the Cobh

Cobh is a quaint little place with a nice waterfront. It's mostly just the nearest port to Cork but has the dubious distinction of bring the last port-of-call before the Titanic sank. If you are like me you will now go read the definition of "port-of-call".
This picture was taken around 10:30am. By 10:45 it was raining. Now 11:15 and it is bright and sunny again. Maybe I'll just stick with Irish coffee which is more reliable.

Does this count?

You know the old saying, "If you can't visit the country, at least visit the supermarket with the same name!"
Or something like that.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

First thoughts on Scotland

Walking up and down town (it's quite hilly) I came upon someone trying to unpark their car on a steep uphill. They were having a tough time with the engine whining and revving like crazy. In my head I thought, "I need more power Scotty!"
"You can't defy the laws of physics, captain!"
Isn't it hard enough driving on the wrong side without these issues?

No Iceland this trip :(

Gale force winds expected tomorrow so we are skipping Belfast and Reykjavik and substituting an overnight stay in Cobh. Not sure what I will do there...other than eat one of their famous salads!

Can't you smell that smell?

This explains why I thought Oslo smelled like coffee.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Age is not just a number but who gives a crap?!

Whitewater rafting today in Kristiansand (actually nearby Senestal[sp?]. There were 20 of us on the tour. I was the youngest followed by one guy in his fifties. Everyone else I'd say was late 60's to late 70's.
The rapids were brief and rated somewhere in the 3+/4- range.
One guy cut his hand simply by banging it against someone else. "I bleed easy. Let's keep going!"
Since the rapids are brief we actually got out, portaged up a bit and did the best part twice.
Only a couple people had ever done any rafting. I had and knew the funnest place was in the front. And yes, I apologized for I knocking those old ladies down securing that position for our first run.
On the odd chance that someone reading this is planning on going know that you will get soaked. Wear a bathing suit and a sport T. Water socks or sandals. Bring dry shirt, socks, shoes and underwear to change into. Leave the camera unless it's waterproof. Better, bring a GoPro!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


The Danes are known for four things: Hans Christian Anderson, really big dogs, a sweet breakfast confection and Clair. Of these I have only been able to eat one!
OK. That's my report on Denmark. Tune in next time for my report on Norway where there may not be anything edible at all.

Monday, September 09, 2013


It's a bit gray and foggy in Copenhagen today. Really don't have much planned here except to see the Little Mermaid and not sleep until a fairly normal time.
View from my hotel room attached. I am very happy to not have the other view which is road construction.


I've successfully navigated to the airport lounge in Lisbon. I have almost 3 hours to kill here. But probably not enough time to same the dozen wines in the wine machine. There's also a coffee machine that makes 30 different drinks I've never heard of. A nice buffet of quiches and Euro-breakfast sandwiches and all kinds of sweets, many of which I've already eaten accidentally. (I swear I was just moving my mouth when they got in the way!)
Not much seating here but what they lack in quantity they make up in space-age style. (See pic)
Lastly, after a couple hours of flight, over the Atlantic Ocean, all the TV's suddenly turned off. Soon after we also realized our electric seats were not working. Reason? Computer crash. Fortunately this computer only controlled some passenger comforts and, after the usual fix (reboot) was up and running again.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Flight Intrigue!

Two young women with luggage were just escorted to my flight by Customs and Immigration officers. Their passports and some paperwork were in individually sealed manilla envelopes. I'm guessing they are being deported.

Bagels? Yes. Einsteins? No.

Picked up an abomination bagel (that's a bagel with ham and cheese) to eat at the airport. A couple hours later I pull out the bag and it's wet and smells like pickles. I grab the sandwich and, although it smells like pickles, there are no pickles on the sandwich.
When I go to throw the bag away, it feels a little heavy. Sure enough in the bottom of the bag is a pickle spear, "wrapped" in one of those little pieces of paper you see used by people buying rolls...or bagels. My backpack smells slightly of pickles.
Ironically, I bought the sandwich because the United lounges have poor selection of food (crackers and cheese, fruit, chex mix) but I'm not in an United lounge so there are sandwiches here.
Of course, I ate a sandwich, too. It needed a pickle.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

T-minus 3 days

Leaving Sunday on TAP. Copenhagen via Lisbon. Mostly packed and ready to go.