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Monday, May 16, 2016

Penis Pump of Thrones

Two "news" stories making the rounds today: 

A woman heads to the hospital with a shark attached to her arm.
Someone in Boston got a penis transplant.

Do you see the common thread? It's Trump.

Trump is the candidate of twerking, penis-transplanted sharks going to the bathroom with your 14 year old daughter. He is the National Enquirer, The Weekly World News, The Globe and People magazine all rolled into one.Trump appeals to these people. They will likely vote overwhelmingly for him. Like they did for GWB.

If this were Game of Thrones, GWB would be Lord Robin Arryn, an simple-minded puupet. Trump would be Roose Bolton, an overconfident, unpredictable ass who is likely to be killed by his own child.

And who is Clinton? Perhaps Margaery Tyrell who seemed likable but ultimately was just using her spouse to gain power and looks to soon lost in the shuffle.

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