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Monday, June 13, 2016

Coprophiles Unite!

There's been another mass murder. It's been impossible not to hear about it. If there is anything else going on in the world, we would not know. I don't want to minimize this tragedy. About 50 people killed and another 50 or so injured. A tragedy for their families, say about 1000 people. A tragedy for their friends, say another 5000. One degree of separation, say another 300,000. In a country of over 300,000,000. That's 0.1%. Non-stop national news for 2 days for 0.1%. Some jackass's picture plastered on TV for a large part of that. A nice little incentive for the next jackass.

Clearly the media is to blame; except it is not. The media is a bunch of for-profit enterprises. They make money by showing ads to as many people as possible. If people stopped watching, the media would stop covering. But the people don't. As a group, they apparently can't. They are spoon fed their own shit and they gulp it down greedily. When dogs eat shit, we pull them away. We yell, "No!" We assume that eating shit is bad for them. Maybe it isn't. Maybe I'm the one making a mistake.

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