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Friday, October 14, 2016


Is he crazy like a fox or just crazy? Is he the blind squirrel who just happened across an acorn? People wonder about Trump. But what about the pundits?

This morning Ari Fleischer on Morning Joe was going on and on about why Trump is cooked. (Full disclosure: I think Trump is cooked.) He cited stats from 2012 like Romney won x% of this group and Trump has less. So where, oh where, is he getting the extra voters to possibly win?

The thing is, Ari, that current polls show Johnson and Stein with 8-12% of the vote. If it stays that way then Trump needn't match any of Romney's 2012 numbers. (See 1992.) So, is Ari stupid? Or stupid like a fox? (And what the hell does that even mean?)

Please, media, stop citing meaningless numbers and stats.

Also, Ben Carson, stop saying you are using "common sense" as it is demeaning to those of us with any sense.

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