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Saturday, October 18, 2008

This Post Wanders More Than A Jew In The Desert

Apparently, the leader of Hamas has stated that the recent financial crisis is punishment from God.

"We see it as God's punishment for the criminals (U.S. and its Western allies). Nothing is more unjust than occupying an Islamic state. Nothing is more unjust than keeping the Palestinian people under occupation for over 60 years," Ismail Haniyeh told worshippers before Friday prayers in the Gaza Strip.

"They deprived our people of money and now God has deprived them of money. They besieged our people and now they are besieged by the punishment of God," Haniyeh said.
Let me get this straight. First, God waited 60 years (!) to do something? Does God not realize how long that is to people? No, that's not possible since He is omniscient. Maybe He has been trying to punish the West for years but has not been successful? No, He's omnipotent, all-powerful.

Powerful enough to flood the world, turn wives into salt, kill your first born or even turn your staff into a slithering snake. But yet, not powerful enough to blow up a bus without the help of a true believer who gets to go to Heaven and be with 72 virgins. This would be the same Heaven invented about 2000 years ago by rabbis because their followers were pretty upset that despite being the "chosen people" they were really getting crapped on by the Romans and other non-chosen's.

When the followers demanded reasons, the rabbis made up Heaven and Hell. Your reward for living a crappy life on Earth was an eternity (man, that is much longer!) in Heaven while the crappers would spend their eternity in Hell. A crappy 50 years or so now vs. a crappy forever for the crappers seemed like a pretty good deal.

It was adopted by Christianity and Islam but changed a bit so that non-Christians (or non-Moslems) replace the crappers. So it was not only no longer enough to not crap on people, you had to be part of the group. Even better, just being part of the group made you a non-crapper even if you crapped all over people?

How can you not love a God with a sense of humor like that?

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