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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What'll It Be, Guvna?

Several years ago, when I visited London, I ate at a restaurant called Champor-Champor. Apparently, I also signed up with them to send me specials, which they do about once a year. This year's pre-Christmas menu is very amusing in its pretentiousness.


LUNCH: £25 (two courses*); £29.50 (three courses)

DINNER: £27.50 (two courses*); £32 (three courses)

Bread selection and canapés (please note canapés are not offered at lunchtime)


Chicken liver, duck liver and bird eye chilli parfait; deep fried puri bread; spiced cranberry jam

Waterchestnut and salmon fish cake; baby octopus umai; Hong Kong style XO sauce

Home-made lamb, Japanese pepper and kesum leaf sausage; Gujerati carrot salad

Tea smoked ostrich fillet, marbled quail eggs and celeriac mash; sesame and soy dressing

Chick pea, curry leaf and tofu falafel with plum tomato and Thai basil chutney (v)

INTER-COURSE (£2.80 supplement)

Coffee, khalua and clove granita

Chinese plum mulled wine and jaggery granita


Malay festive water buffalo rendang; Kelantanese herb rice; deep-fried fish

Malaccan-Portuguese king prawn Bostador; Goanese steamed sanna bread; vegetable achar

Malay Royalty ‘opor burung’: boneless quail in thick, spicy and creamy curry; steamed jasmine rice; Indian rasam

Nonya venison in sweet soy and cinnamon sauce; coconut rice; green mango somtam

Indonesian style vegetarian ‘nasi ambeng’- a concoction of dishes including rice, curries and fried vermicelli (v)


Rich chocolate mousse cake; rum-pickled green chilli cream

Poached plum trifle; Christmas pudding ice cream

Five spice and black pepper cake; cranberry parfait

Anyway, don't be put off by the crazy names. My recollection was that the food was pretty tasty...or at least different.

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