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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Didn't I See This In Saw IV?

Problem: As an overbearing, control freak parent you direct nearly everything your child does from what sports they play to what classes they take to what friends they have (ha! like these kids have friends). What could possibly be left?

Well, how about controlling their eating habits? No, no, no. Not just what they eat but how they eat it. First pick up the Kami Kami, then with a little help from your engineer friend, hook it up to one of those invisible dog fence shock collars. Now, if your kid doesn't chew his food enough (a number you control!) ZZZZZAP! Your kid will say they love you more than ever...

Until they kill you.

Thanks to occasional reader eLarge (a name I've made to protect his identity except from Germans) for this gem.

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