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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cyanide Is Natural

Apparently, Pizza Hut has a new pizza product called "The Natural". It features "a multigrain crust, all-natural pepperoni or Rustica sausage, all-natural mozzarella cheese and all-natural sauce made from vine-ripened tomatoes".

Alternatively you can still order their other pizzas: pan, thin, hand-tossed, stuffed crust. I assume these feature unnatural pepperoni, unnatural cheese and unnatural sauce. Or maybe their regular stuff is only partially unnatural? Which parts? And really, is there anything natural about pepperoni?

And why is natural better? Is natural wider? Because e aho laula--wider is better--if wider is natural than natural is better!

On the other hand, I've eaten some "natural" products that were not better in any way, shape, form or taste. Fish milk cheese ranks right at the top of this list.

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