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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Trump's unfavorables don't matter as much as Clinton's

Both Trump and Clinton rate incredibly unfavorable. Clinton's unfavorable rating is the lowest ever for a major party candidate. Except for Trump. Theoretically, that should be worse news for Trump than Clinton but it's the other way around.

If a third party can win somewhere (say, Johnson in New Mexico) then there is at least the possibility of the House deciding the next President. Unless Trump falls far short (>15%) in the popular vote, he'll be the only "legitimate" choice that the Republican House could pick.

Clinton beating Trump down only helps if she get 270+. Otherwise she might as well pound sand. Trump, should be propping up Johnson and Stein in any state where either of them can move votes away from Clinton. It doesn't matter if they go for Trump. He only needs Clinton to get <270 p="" to="" win.="">
You will not see Trump's taxes. He will not black box his business. He will not put out any real positions. None of these hurts Clinton and that is the only thing he should be focused on.

Clinton needs to either quickly reform her image (a dubious possibility) or be very careful where she is hitting Trump. In Utah she has very little chance of winning. Trump or Johnson (or that Evan whoever) could win there. Trying to split that vote so she can win Utah with <40 a="" act.="" dangerous="" high-wire="" is="" of="" p="" the="" vote="">

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