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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Your anti-test vote

If you live in an noncompetitive state then you should feel free to fully express yourself and vote for whomever you want. You can do this knowing full well that your vote is meaningless to the race so it might as well be meaningful to you.

If you live in a competitive state and are not planning to vote for one of the people who is competitive then you are saying that you don’t care which of those people wins. You’ll be just as happy/sad with either one. The country will do just as well/poorly with either. You won’t even bother to check the news Wednesday morning to see who won. If all that applies, vote for whomever you please. Otherwise, hold your nose and vote for the one you think would be better (or less worse) for the next four years.

The above applies unless someone other than Clinton or Trump becomes competitive in the race (by which I mean it becomes more than a two-way race), a dubious prospect.

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