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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I drove into the city yesterday. I took the GWB to the CBE to the HRD to the FDR to the UES.

There's some major construction going on on 2nd Avenue (for the new subway line) and there are 2 or 3 lanes closed in a few spots. I was driving through one of these spots, directly behind a Post Office truck. We were in the left most lane that was open, right against the construction barriers.

Ahead, there was a forklift moving some construction material around. As the P.O. truck was going by him, he backed out of the construction zone. BAM! He smashed right into the side of the truck. The trucked then stopped in the middle of 2nd Ave. with me stuck behind him.

Balancing out this horrible tragedy, I was able to find a parking spot on 76th Street.


Going home, I left the UES via the FDR which I took to the HRD and on to the CBE across the GWB and yada, yada, yada.


RecoveringElitist said...

Wouldn't taking 9A, aka the Henry Hudson Pkwy, to 79th Street been a little easier??? Keeps out out of the mess on the east side of the island... Particularly with the HRD to FDR neck-down area that really is a mess???

talljay said...

Probably, but then I'd have never found a parking space. :-)