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Thursday, July 31, 2008

When You Drive Your Car Over It, It Will Pop

Sometimes a product comes along and I think, "What a great idea!" Then I see the price and I think, "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

Such is the case with the new CherryPal cloud computing PC. Here's the idea, take a PC and remove the expensive DVD drive, replace the hard drive with online storage, replace the processor with something cheap, use Linux and run everything via Firefox on the Web. Based on the name, I assume the case is semen proof, or at least semen resistant. And it only uses 2 watts! Great idea!

Now, charge $250 for it (not including monitor, keyboard or mouse) and serve up ads every time the user opens a program. Anagram that and it all spells Best Failing Product of the Year!


wolfger said...

That's insane! I can get a real computer for $250, hard drive and DVD-RW included.

talljay said...

Yes, but is it a spooge-proof computer?