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Monday, August 11, 2008

Start Track & Field Already!

Here are some Olympic notes:

Funny Interesting Names:
There's an Israel swimmer named Nimrod and a N. Korean soccer player named Kum Suk. I thought someone was named Feather Cox but it turned out they said Heather.

Sports we need to see less of:

  • Handball - Basketball with a lacrosse net. I generally like the oddball sports but dodgeball would be more interesting to watch.
  • Fencing - These people are amazingly quick. So quick you can not possibly see what is going on. Desperately needs constant slo-mo and fencing's version of the blue hockey puck.
  • Badminton - You know a sport has a problem when the most interesting thing the announcer can say is "these raquets weigh only 3 ounces!"
  • Swimming - Haven't I seen this event before? Yes. I have because they're all the same event! And big surprise, all won by the same guy!
  • Gymnastics - Same as swimming but worse because they actually do repeat the exact same events. Also, I feel creepy watching 16 year-olds in skin tight outfits. Can't they wear sweats? Also, the announcers for gymnastics are the worst. Al Trautwig doesn't know what he is talking about and the other guy is just too biased. And also, men's gymnastics defeats the whole point of watching gymnastics.
Not a sport but medal ceremonies need to go, too. I already know who won I don't need to listen to their anthem.

And how is shooting a sport? It's a skill for sure but so is plumbing but that's not in the Olympics.

"Watch when he sets that elbow pipe and then, right there, major crack! That's a three tenths deduction. I don't know if he can make that up in plunging. What a shame."

During the China vs. Canada women's soccer match, the poorly enunciating announcer proclaimed a "kick vagina" and when I turned to watch I realized it was a free "kick for China".


DeborahSmith said...

So does that mean you are watching the Olympics?

talljay said...

Except for an hour long run in the morning, most of Saturday was lost staring at two TVs but unless things get more interesting, I'll probably unplug one.

Sunday I was out all day and only saw the later coverage.