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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do You Want A Hummer From This Woman?

I have a low opinion of politicians. I assume they are all crooks, liars and/or pedophiles. Many don't seem too bright.

But Senator Barbara A. Mikulski from Maryland is currently topping my list in the "not too bright" category. Here's her plan.

Under Mikulski's plan, which she said she'll introduce in the Senate next week, consumers will be able to deduct the sales tax and the interest paid on a car loan, if a vehicle is purchased between today and Dec. 31. The tax break is available for cars priced under $49,500.
Sorry, I was temporarily blinded by the brilliance of the plan.
"It's simple, it's targeted, it's timely and it's temporary," Mikulski said.
It is idiotic and mainly will serve to move auto sales that were planned for early next year, into this year. It will also effectively move money from the wallets of people who don't buy a car in the next few weeks (or who don't qulaify for the tax break) to those that do. Finally, it will effectively undo 30 years of hard work for people trying to eliminate a certain stereotype of people of Polish decent.

If you voted for this woman, I urge you to punch yourself in the face. You certainly deserve it.

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