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Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm Trying To Be Less Pedantic. How Do I Explain That?


Ring! (I don't recognize this number)

Me: Hello?
Caller: Jess. I yam colling to say my son, he is sick and will no be at school today.
Me: I'm sorry. You have the wrong number. And I hope your son gets well soon.
Caller: Dis no is the school?
Me: Sorry, no. I'm a little pedantic if that helps.
Caller: Little wha?
Me: Nevermind. I'm not the school. Good-bye.

3 minutes later


Ring! (Ugh, same caller)

Me: You still have the wrong number.
Caller: Dis no is the school?
Me: You...have...the...wrong...number.
Caller: Oh.

Then I left for work. Don't know if she called back again. For my sake, I hope your son is never sick again.

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