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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hey Baby, What's Your Sign?

I love the signs around Germany. German is close enough to English that you can figure out the meaning of many words (like Wörter which means "words"). The problem is that not all words are so obvious.

For example, here's a food stand that seems to use some kind of reverse psychology to make you think it is the best! And if you turn your head sideways, you can see a little smiley face hidden in the sign. How clever!

In truth, the word "Wurst" is probably something most English speakers understand. Across the street is an elevator. Using my self-translation, it appears to say something about "feel free to fart inside". On the left, it says it has the "odor of 50 people" and on the right it says "if it falls you will not be be-nutted" which is similar to being beheaded but much worse.

"What kind of person would use a fart elevator?" you ask. Well, probably the same kind that shops at the Assmann store. It's so popular they have an Assmann I and II right next to each other. Perhaps all this is a result of eating all that Wurst.

Getting away from words, here are a couple pics from the East Side Gallery, a section of the old Berlin Wall still standing and now used for murals. This first one is pretty intense and makes a strong statement about the shadow religion casts over marionettes.

Also making a very strong statement is this mural which clearly says that dogs have just as much of a right to smoke as guys who wear fezzes.

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