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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Signs O' The Times

Many Americans like to complain that signs all over the world aren't in English. But the reality is, you can generally figure out the signs. Just use your brains...or guess! Here are some examples:

In Helsinki, I found these signs that clearly show the two main political parties in Finland: the Isotkoirats and the Pienetkoirats. Unlike in America, where elephants and donkeys run wild, both Finnish parties use the same animal mascot. The Schnauzer.

In Stockholm (and all of Sweden) sex is very acceptable. Turn on any TV and you're likely to find naked people. And one channel in particular goes even further. Here's their studios.

On the other end of the spectrum, if seeing human skin offends you, you can take a specialized cruise.

I'm generally willing to try any kind of food but I was pretty happy this place wasn't open.

There was some kind of fair going on in Stockholm. Perhaps they were converting people to Judaism?

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