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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Bagels? Yes. Einsteins? No.

Picked up an abomination bagel (that's a bagel with ham and cheese) to eat at the airport. A couple hours later I pull out the bag and it's wet and smells like pickles. I grab the sandwich and, although it smells like pickles, there are no pickles on the sandwich.
When I go to throw the bag away, it feels a little heavy. Sure enough in the bottom of the bag is a pickle spear, "wrapped" in one of those little pieces of paper you see used by people buying rolls...or bagels. My backpack smells slightly of pickles.
Ironically, I bought the sandwich because the United lounges have poor selection of food (crackers and cheese, fruit, chex mix) but I'm not in an United lounge so there are sandwiches here.
Of course, I ate a sandwich, too. It needed a pickle.

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