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Monday, September 09, 2013


I've successfully navigated to the airport lounge in Lisbon. I have almost 3 hours to kill here. But probably not enough time to same the dozen wines in the wine machine. There's also a coffee machine that makes 30 different drinks I've never heard of. A nice buffet of quiches and Euro-breakfast sandwiches and all kinds of sweets, many of which I've already eaten accidentally. (I swear I was just moving my mouth when they got in the way!)
Not much seating here but what they lack in quantity they make up in space-age style. (See pic)
Lastly, after a couple hours of flight, over the Atlantic Ocean, all the TV's suddenly turned off. Soon after we also realized our electric seats were not working. Reason? Computer crash. Fortunately this computer only controlled some passenger comforts and, after the usual fix (reboot) was up and running again.

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