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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Age is not just a number but who gives a crap?!

Whitewater rafting today in Kristiansand (actually nearby Senestal[sp?]. There were 20 of us on the tour. I was the youngest followed by one guy in his fifties. Everyone else I'd say was late 60's to late 70's.
The rapids were brief and rated somewhere in the 3+/4- range.
One guy cut his hand simply by banging it against someone else. "I bleed easy. Let's keep going!"
Since the rapids are brief we actually got out, portaged up a bit and did the best part twice.
Only a couple people had ever done any rafting. I had and knew the funnest place was in the front. And yes, I apologized for I knocking those old ladies down securing that position for our first run.
On the odd chance that someone reading this is planning on going know that you will get soaked. Wear a bathing suit and a sport T. Water socks or sandals. Bring dry shirt, socks, shoes and underwear to change into. Leave the camera unless it's waterproof. Better, bring a GoPro!

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