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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How Many More Pets Need To Die To Get This Off The Front Page?

Here's a quick update on the top news stories today:

There were warning signs in the Virginia Tech shootings. Also, the "Beautiful, clever [and] talented" victims were honored. No word on the other victims. And, importantly, it is reported that the killer was "angry with rich kids" so if you're a kid, give away your money or grow up quickly. If you're a parent of a rich kid you can possibly save your child's life by reducing their allowance.

In the non-news section, some more people were killed in various places but they weren't American college students so who cares.

The only other important news story is:
If you're having trouble with your BlackBerry, you're not alone. The problem is limited to only those customers in the Western Hemisphere. If you rely on your BlackBerry for your livelihood, this situation is affectionately known as a RIM Job.


Wolfger said...

I agree completely, but you missed one of the biggest non-American-college-kid slaughters that nobody gave a shit about. 192 killed in one attack on April 19th

(oh, never mind... this post was from the 19th)

talljay said...

Unfortunately, there will like be more.