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Sunday, April 01, 2007

What Is The Airspeed Velocity Of An Unladen Swallow?

To increase the security of some account I have, I will now have to answer a security question from either Group A, B or C. The good news is, I get to pick the question. The bad news is, I can't or don't want to remember the answer to these questions. Let's take a look.

Group A:Who remembers the name of their first grade teacher?
Who wants to remember where their wedding reception was?
Thirty years ago, there were only four or five pet names. That's not secure.
Like I only have one hobby?
My favorite teacher was my first grade teacher and I don't even remember her name!
Highest mountain? That will (hopefully) change but even if it didn't I have no idea what was the highest.
Favorites change more often than highest mountain tops.

Group B:Favorite restaurant would be Hali'imaile General Store but I just spent ten minutes Googling to figure out how to spell it.
Most unusual job? I'd have to say ice and Altoids.
If you grew up in Florida, your favorite place was Disney.
What if I'm the youngest?
Anything that started with a silent G.
Who am I? Silent Gbob?
Who makes these stupid questions up?

Group C:Curse words are not accepted.
The guy who invented curse words.
Shouldn't that be "Who"?
Bleached general purpose.
Yeah, yeah. The one where my favorite teacher, what's-her-name, taught. Oooh, it's right on the tip of my tongue.
Do people older than 20 have favorite songs?
Any place that sells Altoids and ice.

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