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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More

Arriving home after my bike ride this morning, I checked my mail. A quick glance showed the normal credit card offers, a catalog, something from the library (what the?) and something from (dum dum dummmmmm) the IRS.

It doesn't matter how honestly you fill out your taxes; nobody wants to get a letter form the IRS. So I opened the library mail first.

Overdue book! That's crazy! I have one book out and it's due today. I know this for sure because I just checked yesterday. Maybe it's for a book I returned and they lost? Nope. Says right there "Running with Scissors". Worse is that I haven't finished it and now I can't renew it online. Oh well. I should be able to straighten that out. Now to envelope number 2.

What does the IRS want? As I'm about to open the envelope I notice it is not addressed to me. It's to a previous tenant. I'd swear this happened before. Very annoying.

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