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Saturday, September 15, 2007

He Got Hit By Lightning Playing Disc Golf

There was a family (parents plus son [maybe 5] and daughter [maybe 7]) out in the park today where I was playing disc golf. They were flying a kite until the gusty winds drove it into the ground and broke it. While the dad tried to fix it, the son struck up a conversation with me.

kid: Hi-aye!
me: Hello!
kid: Today is good for kites.
me: It sure is.
kid: Do you have a kite?
me: No. I don't.
kid: I do.
me: I can see that.
kid: My parents got it for me.
me: Uh-huh.
kid: It's a family kite. My mom and dad both have families. But my dad's family is old and my mom's dad died.

And then mom swooped in, picked up her son and off they went.


Wolfger said...

Disc golf? Sweet! I knew there was a reason I liked you. :-)

talljay said...

It's just something to do to get me outside. I'm playing pretty well except for accuracy, distance and putting.