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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Noticias De La Musica

There was a discussion the other day about a couple songs with the word "vaseline" in them, mainly who sang them.

I decided to try the website midomi to identify them. I couldn't get a hit on either of them. I was sure one was by Bush because someone had given me the CD. After browsing through my CDs a couple times I came to the only possible conclusion: I had lost my Bush CD!

Until I found the Stone Temple Pilots CD with the Vaseline song. D'oh!

The other song was harder to find but I eventually got it. It was The Flaming Lips song She Don't Use Jelly.

Could midomi find anything? I decided to try Girl from Ipanema and voila! It found it! Very cool. I tried humming Take 5 but got nothing. I tried I Like Big Butts but didn't get crap. Last I tried Oye Como Va and that one worked!

Conclusion: midomi works great with Spanish music but is biased against whites and blacks.

Update: Since everybody is antisemitic, I decided to check If I Were A Rich Man (from Fiddler on the Roof). The main match was some song by Gwen Stefani but a couple down from it was the Fiddler match. Then I played the Gwen Stefani song to see why it matched and now I just feel old...so terribly old.

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