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Saturday, December 29, 2007

The British Are Coming

I got my Comfy Sack and after several days suffering from rhinovirus strain ABF (Albanian blood feud) I finally put it together and tried it out.

I was a little excited to try it.
My left hand is holding a glass of Nestea. Ahhh!

It's very soft.

Very, very, soft.

This thing is so comfortable. It's like a womb. A womb with a view (of the TV). A giant 7 1/2 foot long womb. According to my research (meaning I'm guessing) it's like laying in a Humpback whale womb.

If that sounds good to you, please help save the whales and buy a weplica womb instead.

Wenting a womb is also a possibility but much more expensive.


How do I get out of this #%$&@! thing!?


Never mind, I figured it out. You have to leave head first!


Simon Stargazer III said...

I invented a new word just for you:

SERIOSITY. (use it in a sentence, dummy... OK: Your humor has a seriosity level averages 8 out of 10 in general, with a low of 0 and a high of 10)(seen occasionally) As you can see, I have a sense of humor also. But in all seriosity, I think you have a passion for life and the frivolositry of it. Her is my take on passion:


Accentuates all
Success stories
Of category or person,
Now, in the past or the future

Thanks for sharing... I'll check in not and then.

Jim Haworth AKA Simon Stargazer III

Jim said...

PS ... should have been now and then, not not and then. Although who knows...


talljay said...

Thanks Jim/Simon, although I would have liked to see your take on "frivolositry".

Simon Stargazer III said...

frivolositry": The art of expressing serious subjects in a manner that finds a frivolous bent to the subject that may or may not impress the serious point on your busy brain memory site.

Thanks for the interest, talljay. In my writings I like to end a thought with a twist when I can. I think that often takes the reader by surprise and may open his eyes and his brain more effectively to other points of view.

Check out my five books at my book website: simonstargazer.com

Jim Haworth