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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

With A Vacation Like That, Who Needs Enemies

I don't often remember my dreams. Almost never actually. But I do vaguely remember one from a few days ago in my parents' house.

I had given someone a gift of some sort and they yelled back at me, "CHEAP!"
It was a pretty nice gift and as I tried to point this out to them they once again yelled, "CHEAP!"
I was a bit offended and also stunned. Before I got to do anything else, "CHEAP!"
I began to get mad, "Keep your voice down."



I awoke at 4:20am. "CHEAP!" What the hell is going on? "CHEAP!"

It was a smoke detector whose battery had died. One of the last times I visited I had replaced all the batteries.

Except one that the ladder couldn't reach.

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