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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Reporting For the Steve Guttenberg Press

I flew down to FL late this morning on the miracle plane. Not one of those plane crash-type miracles but a true miracle.

Boarding the flight, 30 people needed wheelchair assistance to get on the plane. As an able-bodied person, it is my job to feel sorry for them and not wonder why they get to be first onto the plane.

After a couple hours of simulated 8000 ft. altitude, every single one of them was suddenly able to walk again and get off the plane without assistance! Being on that plane was like swimming in a cocoon filled pool. These people were suddenly 20 years younger....or about 80.

But once they got out of the pool, or in this case off the JetWay, they suddenly needed assistance again in the form of a golf cart to wisk them past everyone else to the baggage claim.

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