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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jump! Jump! Jump!

The video you've all been waiting for! I had to cut out a bunch to make it small enough to upload.

Some background:

  • At the time I did this I disliked flying, had a fear of heights and suffered from horrible motion sickness.
  • Notice the difference in demeanor between my friend Sharon and myself. I am _not_ doing this for fun.
  • When the door opens, you can actually see my higher brain function shut off completely.
  • During the "training" they make it very clear that you should not touch the door frame. That is only for your jump master. It's not as easy as it sounds.
  • Watch closely. As soon as we leave the plane, my brain function kicks back on and pure terror takes over.
  • You can see me saying (mouthing) "Oh my God!" as I approach the camera. After that I remember thinking my mouth was getting dry (probably from the 120mph wind blowing into it) and then I actually had a couple seconds of enjoyment (or relief that I wasn't dead, same difference).


Dave said...

Thanks for posting. I noticed you are in shorts/t-shirt...

talljay said...

Yes! South Florida in October is hot! And nobody warned us about the "3 degrees cooler per 1000 feet" rule of thumb. I can tell you that sitting in the plane it was horribly hot/stuffy...until the door opened. I guess it was cold when we jumped...around 60 with 120mph wind but I didn't notice. Two other friends (not shown) also jumped (but from 12,000 ft. vs. 7500 ft.) and they only had shorts/t-shirts.

My understanding is that most places give you a jump suit.

talljay said...

And just to add, although I don't think skydiving is dangerous (although try telling your brain that) this occurred ~18 months later.