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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Balls Disappeared And I Don't Take Steroids

Yesterday was flogging day. Flogging is when you go to a park like setting to and make wishes while you knock wishing spheres into the wishing ponds. It is exactly the opposite of golfing.

I made lots of wishes. All of them the same. "I wish this sphere would not go into the wishing pond!" Problem is, if it goes in then it can't come true but it can't come true if it doesn't go in. The flogging Catch-22.

The plan is to go out again on Friday. I will try a new wish. "I wish that this is the last sphere that goes into a pond!"

I wonder how many times I'll make that wish?

Maybe there's some karma here. When I first arrived in Flogida, my dad, avid bargain hunter, came over with a bag and said, "Look at this." It was filled with golf balls. "On clearance, six for $1.54! I bought all they had, 60 balls."

Is that some kind of challenge?

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