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Sunday, July 26, 2009

New York Weekend N+1, Where N Is Last Weekend

Yesterday I went to see a show in Central Park, somewhere around 72nd St. I thought I knew where it was going to be but after walking around the area for 20+ minutes with no success I thought "If only I had a device..." but alas my phone is sold old (HOW OLD IS IT?), it's so old it still has an extendable antenna! I'm so old and out of touch, I should probably just get a Jitterbug.

I happened past a Jazz trio playing (still in CP) and laid down on a rock to enjoy the music, promptly falling asleep. Amazingly I was not mugged or even killed.

On the walk back to my place I discovered the location of Jacques Torres on the UWS and weighed down the rest of my journey with 5.6 oz. of his confectionery genius, most of which made it home.

And now, I'm heading out to see, of all things, Chico DeBarge, Ginuwine and Joe.

I'm back. I can tell you the music was very good. I just listened from outside since I didn't want to walk to the end of the line to get in. (Frankly, I doubt people that were at the end at that time got in.) It was certainly clear that the target audience for this concert was not middle-age white guys but I did represent.

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