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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Start Spreading The News

NYC Day 1 Observations.

Noise and specifically street noise. It takes a little getting used to. It must have taken me 15 minutes to fall asleep last night.

Somebody upwind of me smokes pot. A lot of pot.

Running in Central Park this morning was "ahh" inspiring.

I seem to be hungry all the time.

While I was waiting to buy my bus ticket, the woman in front of me had this conversation with the ticket agent.

woman: Well, hopefully I won't need the return part of this [ticket].
agent: Why is that?
woman: I'm trying to get on a show and if I do, I'll be famous.
agent: Really? What show?
woman: The Biggest Loser.

Sure enough, I just checked. Casting in NY is from 10-6 today. Good luck lady!


Anonymous said...

"Somebody upwind of me smokes pot. A lot of pot.
I seem to be hungry all the time."

I sense a correlation...

talljay said...

Sorry, no time for long response. Must eat...