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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fatwah Toast

What should I do in this scenario?

I make some toast and an image appears on it. The image is not Jesus or Mary (I know what they look like) so it might be Mohammed.

  • First of all, how would I recognize that it was Mohammed?
  • Should I destroy my graven image creating toaster?
  • Would I be offending someone's religious beliefs if I ate it? I mean, if I made toast it was probably because I was hungry. Doesn't the Koran talk about feeding the hungry? Is it okay if I smear it with cream cheese or peanut butter first (because plain Mohammed toast can be pretty dry)? Is it worse if I make a ham sandwich?
  • If someone fears making toast because the image of Mohammed might appear on it, was is that called? Prophetoastaphobia?
Clearly, I'm not the first to think this an important topic as a Google search for Mohammed and toast yields over 300,000 hits.

Update! My friend suggested a better title for this post would have been "Toast Postie" and I have to agree. Oh well.


cluefairy said...

Dude. I tried to find the official name for toast (even bread) phobia, but couldn't find anything...!!

Come on. SOMEONE has to be afraid of toast out there....

amoose said...


Did you see this link: http://homepages.westminster.org.uk/hooke/issue13/phobia.html

Where it states:"Conditioning theory would suggest that a conditioned response could be elicited by any stimulus; however, studies show that many people have phobias to snakes or trips to the dentist, but that fears of toast (for example) are unknown."

talljay said...

Boy, you two made me feel lazy so I hunted around a bit.

I found this page which lists: pyrophobia (fear of fire); and sitiophobia (fear of food, though the Greek root is such that it ought strictly to be fear of bread or grain). Another site listed "fear of bread" as "panophobia" so maybe fear of toast would be pyrositiophobia or pyropanophobia?

cluefairy said...

amoose - yes, I saw that, and it made me want to search for more information because I didn't want to give up that there wasn't someone who was afraid of toast (I'd take bread)!!

But then I gave up because I had to get going to meet friends for dinner....

And now that I'm home, Jay has done the work for me....

I like panophobia.