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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I need some advice. Today I played disc golf with someone. Normally I would be on the course by 5:30 and done by 6:30. We started around 5:50 and finished at 8:20!

What's the most polite way to tell him I don't want to play with him again? And, just for fun, what's the least polite?


cluefairy said...

Uh, couldn't you just tell him that the only way you can play with him again is if he shows up on time and you guys end at 6:30? And then if he can't, you can both go your own ways. As in, just tell him the truth and give him an opportunity to respond? :-) I know, wacky me.

talljay said...

cf - Is that the truth? The truth would be more like "You play so slow it drives me crazy so I don't want to play with you." That sounds a bit harsh to me. I was looking for something less harsh.

cluefairy said...

Oh, I thought you had an issue with him showing up on time. :-)

Uh, yeah, that's pretty harsh and yeah, no need to be mean for no good reason.


Maybe you could still do a variation of the above? But like, since it's a "school night" you need to stick to the schedule or something? Yeah, that doesn't solve weekends...

talljay said...

I was talking to someone else about this and they suggested maybe he won't want to play with me because I play to fast. That would be great!

If it comes up, I'm leaning toward something like "I just prefer to play at a much faster pace."

Anonymous said...

How about the following approach:

"You play so F*ing slow I can't take it. I mean give me a break, we are throwing a disc, not performing brain surgery. It dosent take that long to line up a shot. What I find really interesing is that, given that amount of time it takes you to between throws, I would have expected you to actually be good, but you suck. Bad and slow - that's a winning combination. I guess we could play togther again, but would you mind if I brought a book with me so I had something do to while you were taking your sweet time?"

I was going for the least polite


talljay said...

heh, "brain surgery". Let me know what book you'd recommend. I was thinking War and Peace.

amoose said...

I am assuming from your blog that he is slow and uninteresting, although I can't glean if he is a bad player. I'm figuring that he is not interesting because if he played slow (or poorly) and you guys were engaging in scintillating conversation, you wouldn't be complaining. Is this the case? If this is so, and he has no value as a friend to you, I definitely wouldn't go with trying to get him to play faster -- he might think you are starting to become friends and suggest that you get together for other reasons.
I'm not sure what to do here since I don't really know the situation. If you wanted to go obnoxious passive aggressive, you could invite him to read your blog.

talljay said...

amoose - No interest in being friends (on my part). I think he was just trying to find someone to play with on occasion (perhaps because nobody can tolerate his slow play?)