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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Jesus' Hands Are At 9 And 3, Not 10 And 2

Driving back from North Carolina, I took a different route than I did getting there. Lombard St. in San Fran might hold the record for curviest street but I'd nominate 194 between Banner Elk and Valle Crucis in NC as it is much longer and not just a tourist attraction. There are signs telling trucks and buses to turn around and take a different route. The speed limit ranges from 25 to 35 and it is difficult to reach that speed except for a couple short bursts. There were several times that I was in first gear and still needed to brake in order to get around a turn. In addition to the "curvy road" signs there were also warnings spray painted on the road like "Dangerous S" and "8% Grade, 2 miles, Check Brakes!" I think those hand-painted warnings for cyclists in a local race but who knows. The road almost made me sick even though I was driving. This would be a great place to test new antiemetics.

A little further into my travels I passed through Historic Unincorporated Trade, TN. Woohoo! Unincorporated! Take that globalization!

Lastly, I did an anecdotal survey of poor drivers. I mentally noted as many factors as I could about vehicles and drivers every time I saw something unsafe, a**hole-ish or just plain stupid. Tallying these up, I believe the highest correlation with poor driving is not age, sex, race or even vehicle type. What correlated most highly with poor driving was "number of bumper stickers on the vehicle". A couple examples:

There was a lady with some campaign sticker. I can't remember who it was for. I'll assume they were a Socialist as the lady drove slowly in left lane forcing about a dozen cars to pass on her right. I'll note that the road was fairly empty as that's how many I saw pass until I lost sight of her.

And there was the trucker from Covenant Transport. His sticker said "It's not a choice, it's a child" (I believe they have that sticker on all their trucks). Maybe he should check his mirrors before he runs over someone's car (as he nearly did) or their rights. Upon passing him I thought "It's not a choice, it's a risky f**king gamble".

I should note that most of the stickers I saw were religious. That could skew my results as these people are hoping to die to go to a better place. Why bother with learning how to drive?

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