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Monday, October 30, 2006

What Is The Sound Of One Hand Speaking?

It's a culture clash of 1960's proportions. Earlier in a silent coup, the President was overthrown. What wasn't reported was that I. King Yoo (no relation to former President, I. King Jordan), who is not deaf, was caught drinking out of a "deafs only" water fountain. Reaction spread across the Gallaudet campus like the Wave at a football game and could be seen from hundreds of feet away. One passer-by said of the scene, "It was so loud I was nearly blinded."

Protests have been going on around the clock. Some people have complained that the visual noise has kept them awake until they shut their eyes.

Some have suggested that the Deaf need a country of their own. Instead of a name, the country could be denoted with an unpronouncable symbol. I suggest the symbol formerly used by the artist formerly known as "the artist formerly known as Prince".

Where is blind culture?
Stand up if you support wheelchair culture.
Don't like hermaphrodite culture? Go f*ck yourself!

Deaf culture? Within 50 years it'll be "Hear today, gone tomorrow."


cluefairy said...

The deaf community has always been pretty militant about being their "own community" and who is acceptable or not.

There are people in the blind community who are just as militant, but not as vocal. But they exist.

While I don't agree with the militant viewpoint regarding why the students wanted her out, she should have known better about the student population and what her deafness meant to them. As in, if you learned sign language in your 20s and used lip reading to survive, then you didn't "own your disability" and should be shunned or not allowed to be president of Galludett.

talljay said...

What kind of culture (and I use that term loosely) tolerates, no, teaches prejudice?

cluefairy said...

I didn't say it's right and yes, that's exactly what I'd call it. This is based on my experiences in the deaf community. Like any group, there are extremists. Except in the case of the deaf community there seems to be a majority that have the extreme view.