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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

You Won't Believe Your Eyes

Long ago there were $39 glasses.

Then came $29 glasses. (A friend bought from there and seems satisfied.)

Then there was the $26 glasses. Here's a funny comment from someone who bought from there: (source)

Comments: The package was unusual and shipped from Packistan [sic]. It was cloth that was sewn shut with what looked to be a wax seal. Not bad, just unusual. The case was the cheapest plastic one I have ever seen. I don't care really, just pointing it out. The cloth inside was FILTHY and that is the only thing that really annoyed me about this order. The glasses are good. I ordered glass and they are a bit heavier than my wife is used to, but they do have plastic also I just picked the top choice which is glass. The lenses seem to be thinner for the same RX. Not sure if that is glass vs. plastic or what. They replied back to my e-mails very quickly. The tracking they provide is "it is shipped". The package required a signature, so be aware of that as at least my postal guy is too lazy to come to the door and just sticks the note in the box which delays it at least a day.... But the speed and cost on this one far exceeds the small annoyance of a dirty rag.
And then came $19 glasses. Comments such as "What kind of crap can you get for $19?" and "The price os glasses is dropping faster than our stock!" were heard. But this company did not stand still, introducing $16 glasses, $13 glasses and, yes, believe it, $9 glasses. That's frames, polycarbonate lenses, UV and scratch coating! OK, OK, plus $5 shipping. And they're eligible to be paid for via pre-tax Flexible Spending Account. So, if you're in a high tax state, it's like they are paying you to buy their glasses!

I don't even think you can make glasses this cheap with slave labor. I mean, slaves need to be fed and clothed and housed. Hmmm, maybe child slave labor, they're smaller and don't eat so much...

BTW - I have no affiliation with any of these sites. I don't get any kickbacks from them or anything like that. I DO find them strangely fascinating.

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