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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh, You're So Seeing And Hearing

This can be a bit loud so mute first if you're at work. (Yes, it's a .nl site and no, it's not p*rn.)

Maybe you don't think that's very loud, but I do. I am very easy-of-hearing. So, I was dismayed to find out that a certain group of individuals is trying to create more noise in the world.

And if we're going to make cars noisy just for the blind, why not force them all to be fluorescent hunter's orange so deaf people (and deer, too) can see them easier?

Perhaps we could have all cars shoot marshmallows in front of them at all times in order to warn those who are deaf and blind of imminent danger. We could fortify the marshmallows with vitamins and then homeless people would clean them up for a nutritious meal. The ones they miss would increase traction on the roads so you can stop quickly when that blind person jumps in front of you because he didn't hear you coming.


DeborahSmith said...

Marshmallows huh? I think before we start production on these marshmallow launchers we need to change the spelling of the word marshmallow. Why is it marshmallow and not marshmellow?...

talljay said...

It's marshmallow because of the Marsh Mallow Plant whose root was formerly used to make them.

amoose said...

Serendipitously, Eli and I have been listening to an audio book that referred to the marsh mallow plant and described how it was prepared.
A few weeks ago we listened to an audio book that had a chapter where 3 children had to escape from an angry bull in a field. The next day, there was a bull loose in our neighborhood! Fox news was on the scene.
Hmmmm ... what could be next?

talljay said...

I was going to write a post about someone having triplets. Maybe I'll skip it.