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Saturday, February 16, 2008

These Aren't The Posts You're Looking For

What is the difference between advertising and that old Jedi mind trick?

Not much. Assuming that the advertisers would not continue to spend money unless they were getting a return on it, I have to assume there are plenty of weak-minded individuals that believe there's a once-a-day pill for natural male enhancement, these women (mute first if at work) are selling something other than their breasts and people have stopped killing people in Newark because of a billboard.

But now that Newark has gone 33 days without a murder, they're taking the billboard down.

The police director credits all kinds of things that have nothing to do with it (like sharing information with other law enforcement agencies) but it's more likely a combination of statistical anomaly and poor murderering weather.

Newark weekend forecast:
Cold with a little rain late Sunday. Chance of murder: 10%

Long term outlook:
Stupid infomercials continue indefinitely. Murderless streak ends. Billboard goes back up and people are nonplussed to find it has no effect.

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