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Thursday, May 15, 2008

No, No, You Are A Snake

I checked my email this morning to find a message from...[drum roll, please]...

my ex's attorney! WTF?! JHC! LMTFA!

Subject: An Invitation from Douche B. Lawyer
I've changed his name for his protection. If you're reading this, DBL, you're welcome!

Upon opening the email, I was almost disappointed to find it was just SPAM for a website (which I'll not name since I wish to give them no exposure but it had the word "pimp" in it). His computer probably has some virus/trojan/malware that sent this crap to every person in his address book.

What a putz.


DeborahSmith said...

The attorney for my divorce had the initials BLT. I didn't notice it until we were sitting in his office and saw BLT stitched on the cuff. I suppose I have never been part of the upper crust to have seen a monogram in this place before. Of course the kicker is that the guy was easily 400 pounds. He didn't walk, he sort of waddled. Blech!

talljay said...

400 lbs. is about 50 gallons of douche.

amoose said...

I had a moment where I could not interpret LMTFA. The first thing I came up with: Lick My Tall F***ing A**. Seconds later, the actual meaning hit me:-).

talljay said...

I'll admit even I had to re-read the post to figure out what I meant.

As for your interpretation, TIFF.