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Friday, May 30, 2008

This Is My Pudding

Four weeks ago I posted this about hypermiling. For a short time I tried the non-powered gliding (auto-stop) but that just seemed f*cking crazy. Lately, I'll just turn off my car at a long red light. I assume my tires are still near 40psi. My driving has been nearly identical otherwise (where I go, how often, speed and whatnot).

Today I filled up. 13.1 gallons. 332 miles. That equates to 25.3 mpg. Compare that to the 22.7 I had in my previous post. An increase of over 11%.

And please, no more discussion about traction unless you have a degree in Physics.


Anonymous said...

cool - that means I still get to talk about traction.

Anonymous said...

btw- thet was mess

talljay said...

I knew I should have said "Masters degree in Physics". Damn!