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Thursday, May 08, 2008

If You Like P*nis Cheladas

Way back when, I posted about the horrific Budweiser Chelada. One reader (of about three) was dumb nice enough to go out and get some and smart enough to pawn it off on someone else. Here, dear readers, is her story:

DeborahSmith said...

There was no way I could ever bring myself to consume such liquid but my Dad had been saying that the young guys he worked with would drink anything. So... I gave it to my Dad and said the only catch was I wanted to hear what they thought of it. They told my Dad that he better never do anything like that to them again. They couldn't believe how terrible it tasted. It met all their criteria too because it was alcohol and on top of that it was free.
"Those guys" criteria for drinkin':
  • alcohol - check!
  • free - check!
Similarly, "those guys" criteria for sexin':
  • boobs - check!
  • free - check!
That works for them most of the time, until they have their own, personal Crying Game. Then it's:
  • free - check!
  • no penis* - check!
These are the kind of guys that long for a simpler time.

Around 15,000 BC.

* - or substitute a dress or boobs and lots of alcohol


DeborahSmith said...

Does your dirty mind always go directly to sex? The post was about alcohol and you turned it into something about sex. I don't see any correlation...

talljay said...

58% of all pregnancies in the US occur after copious consumption of alcohol.