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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Be Lentil With Me

I ran across a new word today: flexitarianism. You might think that a flexitarian is someone who enjoys body building. Or you might think it's the kind of person who'd be fun in bed. (Really fun.) Or you might think it's a group of interconnected, repositionable, glass jars that you grow plants in (but you'd be confusing it with a flexiterrarium).

No. A flexitarian is someone who follows a vegetarian diet but sometimes eats meat. I probably eat too much meat to qualify. I'm more of a contortitarian (con-TORSH-i-ter-ee-en) which are the most flexible of flexitarians.

I suppose that some vegetarians dislike flexitarians calling themselves vegetarians. Flexitarians are like the Jews for Jesus of the vegetarian world. They are laughed at and looked down upon. They are the lowest of their order. But they make great potato pancakes.

Truth is I'm a ovolactopescapolloflexiblogatarian. That means I'm a vegetarian who eats eggs, dairy, fish, poultry, occasionally meat when I feel like it or when I need something to blog about.

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