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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Inexplicable, But Not Inconceivable

I was at Best Buy tonight (but I can't explain why). When I left and got back into my car, a woman came up to my window and knocked. (I should note it was about 20F or -6C for my international readers.)

I already had the car started. I was waiting for someone else (but I can't explain who) to get in their car because I was supposed to follow them (but I can't explain where). I rolled down the window.

Woman (in heavily accented, halting English): Hello...my name is Nikiko...
Me: Oh, hi. (The person I'm supposed to follow is now in their car.)
Woman: I am missionary from Japan...I would like (I see the reverse lights on the other car go on.)
Me: I'm sorry. I need to follow that person (but I can't explain why)
Woman: Oh. OK. Thank you.

It looked like she was going to try to sell me some beads. In the dark of night. In 20 degree weather. In the parking lot at Best Buy. Why would someone do that?

I can't explain that either.

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