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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Editing For Dummies

Editor: There's a problem with your story.
Writer: What's the problem?
E: You only have three "highlight" bullets, our policy is four per story.
W: Well, I already had to stretch for those three. Can't we go with that?
E: No. Rules from the top. You need a fourth bullet.
W: How about the bullet that killed the doctor? Does that count?
E: Don't be a wise-ass. Now get me that fourth bullet!
W: Sagga-fragga-brigga...

Try to guess which one it was.

  • Slaying not premeditated, suspect says while defending self at trial
  • Doctor killed while preparing snack inside New York home
  • Suspect says he was only trying to wound doctor
  • Defendant imprisoned on state murder conviction
And just in case they change the story, here's a screen shot.

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