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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Check Out Ann's Ugly Crack

Normally, a person who is a member of a group is allowed to use slurs that would be considered offensive to that group (and that group only). Only black people can use the n-word. Jews can use the k-word. Handicapped people can use the c-word. Only women can use the other c-word. Only Italians can use the d- or w- words. And only Albanians can use (or pronounce) the sh-word.

Some categories are not so clear. For example, can Ann Coulter us the f-word? Not the f-word, the other f-word. The pork of f-words, so to speak. Now, it's true that I didn't realize Jaye Davidson's character in The Crying Game was a transvestite until he dropped trow, so maybe I'm not the best judge. But check out that Adam's Apple! Tranny or no, she needs a chondrolaryngoplasty.

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