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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Midas Touched Me Here And Here

I brought my car in to get inspected today. I had a coupon for $34.99 at Midas which was pretty cheap. I think it was about $50 wherever I took it last year.
I had planned to wait around for it but I had some stuff at work I wanted to do. Despite the fact that I no longer care about my job on a conscious level, something in my subconscious will not allow me to do a half-assed job. There used to be someone I could talk to to get pointers (he was actually able to do a full-assed job) but he no longer sits near me. Another guy that does a half-assed job also moved recently due to his promotion. I've got nobody to ask for help.
I dropped off my car a little early then walked the 1.5 miles back home. I had thought about running but decided to wait until it warmed up a bit (from 20).
Here's the unbelievable part: they called at 11 to tell me my car was ready! In all of my years of bringing my car in for any kind of service I have never had the service people actually call me. I've always had to call them only to find out "Oh, yeah, it's been ready for a couple hours. Didn't we call you?"
I decided to run back, taking a circuitous route to make it around 3.5 miles. There was one customer in the waiting area who was nonplussed to see someone walk in wearing shorts and no jacket. The service manager was unfazed. As he got my paperwork together, I realized I had left the coupon in my jacket at home. Damn. Oh well, how much could it be?
"$27.40 with tax," said the manager. I paid and thought, "What in the? Would they have charged me more if I had brought the coupon? Weird."
I noticed one of my road atlases sitting on the back seat and when I turned around to put it away, I noticed that my History of China CD's were missing. Aha! No wonder it was so cheap, they stole my friggin' CD's right off the back seat!
Of course, a minute later, I found them under the front seat where they had obviously slid during the "stop short brake test". Since I found them before going back to the store to confront them, I only felt like half an ass. Now, if I can just apply that to my work...


Anonymous said...

Did you honestly think that Auto Mechanics in rural PA would steel your History of China CD's?

Unless History of China is some new rap group that I have not heard about (possible) then I feel secure is saying that the likelyhood that the mechanics stole them is low.


talljay said...

I am shamed by my anti-mechanite comments.