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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What About That "Exit Only" Tattoo?

On the bus that goes between the parking lot and the airport terminal there is this sign on the window (note the background signs that accidentally captured, too):Every window had either that giant "NON EMERGENCY EXIT" sign or a couple of big red handles on it. Is this a big problem? Are people becoming trapped in buses, desperately trying to open the windows without handles? Are the people sitting by the windows with the handles ignoring them? At work there's a door with a sign overhead that says "Not an Emergency Exit". If there's an emergency, can I use it? Even stranger, there's a button next to the door that unlocks it. It says "Emergency Use Only." WTF?

Or maybe it's me. Maybe I'm misreading the sign. Maybe the window is actual for non emergency exiting. I can see that since almost every time I'm on one of these buses I want to throw myself out a window. Any window. Even one that doesn't open.

One last trip/party related item. (Do not adjust your eyes or monitor, that picture is blurry.)
This is a small section of a card sent to my parents. The gist is that the couple sending it made a donation to a charity in my parents name. As you can see, the couple wanted to ensure that my parents knew that this was a generous donation, as opposed to just a plain donation so they actually wrote the word "generous" in.

How should that be interpreted? Is a generous donation inherently larger than a donation? If so, by how much? Is this the charitable gift version of a "guerre de penis"? (probably NOT work safe)

Non-emergency blog exit.

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