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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Die And Let Die

Recently, the people in charge of our government put together a plan (they call it "guidance") on how to ration a vaccine in case there is a flu pandemic. They would divide the country into 5 tiers. Guess who is included in Tier 1.

Surprise! "Key government leaders"

Of course, the witty and clever people that would ensure people still had something to laugh about as their loved ones died are in Tier 5. So, the future America will have plenty of doctors, morons to lead those doctors, crazy EMT personnel, policemen, firemen, pregnant woman and 6-12 month old babies.

Global warming solved.

This whole situation reminds a little of first grade in school. During a fire drill, the class had to line up in height order. Since I was the tallest, I was last. The message was loud and clear:

In case of fire, sacrifice the tallest people!


Wolfger said...

Classic. The house I live in used to be, decades ago, owned by the mayor of my small town. He lived here during the height of the Cold War, and he put a bomb shelter in the back yard. Yes, it's still there. No, it's not as cool as you're imagining it to be. It's basically an underground section of pipe, with bunks for 4 and little else. The Mayor's idea was that in the event of an atomic bomb, he and the city council could go into the shelter and be saved, so that the people (???) would have leadership afterwards. Of course, so far as I know, this is the only bomb shelter in town, so I'm not sure who he was planning to lead.

talljay said...

I thought about adding a question about being delusional to my career guidance test (if yes, go into politics) but could a delusional person answer that correctly?